New Attendance Codes

Parents/Guardians, now that we have started to welcome students back in the building we wanted to share information about attendance codes. Some things remain unchanged but there are new codes. The following chart outlines many of the codes that you can see on your student’s attendance in ParentVUE. We have also outlined whether the code is used for both virtual and in-person students.

Please note that if your student is expected in-person but instead logs on and attends virtually, then the attendance will be marked SYC. If the teacher marks your student SYC this will NOT generate a call home because the student is considered present. Please call the attendance line if your student isn’t feeling well or if you know your student will need to attend virtually for a period of time and we can pre-populate the attendance with SYC so teachers will know to expect your student virtually.

Frequently Used Attendance Codes

New codes are highlighted in green.

CIN Check in
COU Check out
ACT Activity-School activity such as a grade level assembly

Virtual students: no evidence of meaningful interaction (missing multiple teacher cues).

In-person students: leaving class and not returning.

EXC Excused
EXT Excused Tardy
UNV* Unverified - student absent with no school contact by parent
UNX* Unexcused - Absences in which student whereabouts are unknown and are not supported by the parent.
CVC Use for students required to quarantine or those who have contracted Covid-19 illness, who are unable to participate in learning.
ASY Asynchronous (used by the county)
SYC Synchronous - used only for in-person students who are not present at school, but attend virtually
SYV** Synchronous Unverified - used for in person students who attend virtually unexpectedly

*Families have 72 hours to contact the school when a student is marked Unverified. If we don’t hear from you then the absence becomes Unexcused.

**If an in-person student attends virtually SYV will trigger a call out from our system. Parents should check attendance regularly and class period attendance will be visible in ParentVUE within a class period.