FCPSOn is coming to South Lakes in the 2019-2020 School Year

As you may have heard, the Fairfax County School Board has directed Superintendent Brabrand to incorporate necessary funding in his FY 2020 Proposed Budget for FCPSOn’s expansion to all high schools. FCPSOn is a digital transformation initiative that provides students with access to one device to use for learning. Students will have access to a device at school and will also be able to take their device home. This is exciting news!  It will help ensure they have equitable access to technology and to instructional practices that support their development of Portrait of a Graduate attributes including communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Employers will expect these skills, along with tech fluency and innovation, from tomorrow's workforce. FCPSOn helps prepare students to meet those demands. If you want to learn more, visit the FCPSOn public webpage: https://www.fcps.edu/resources/technology/fcpson

FCPSOn Key Messages graphic


Preliminary laptop pick up dates are August 7 - August 16th. Distribution times and procedures will be posted here once they are finalized.


FCPSON Device Notes:

  • During distribution, students will complete an acceptable use Google Form and learn about basic digital skills

  • All students are expected to bring their charged FCPSOn laptop to school every day

  • Students are responsible for their device and will receive the same laptop each school year

  • All students will participate in regular “health checks” to ensure their machines stay up-to-date

  • Students who forget their laptop will not be provided a loaner

    • Loaner laptops will be reserved for students whose laptops are out for repair

  • Broken or malfunction devices should be brought to the SLHS Tech Office for repair (get a pass from your teacher).

    • FCPSOn devices should not be repaired by any person or business outside of FCPS.


  • Treat device with care:

    • Store device in a secure location when not in use

    • Protect device from food and liquids

    • Protect device from weather, including extreme heat and cold

  • Use device for learning activities only

  • Do not save files on the device

  • Restart device daily

  • Bring device to school fully-charged

  • Report any malfunctions or damage immediately to the school

  • Report lost/stolen device immediately to the school. If you believe your device was stolen, also report it immediately to the police.