Virtual Snow Days at SLHS

Schedule & Details

Below you will find our bell schedule for a blue and a green day where we are doing virtual, synchronous instruction. The times of the bell schedule were set by the county.  Please note, this schedule is only for virtual, synchronous snow days.   

Virtual Snow Day Schedule

Blue Day
Period Start End Class Time
1st Period 10:10 11:05 55 Minutes
3rd Period 11:15 12:10 55 Minutes
Lunch 12:10 12:55 45 Minutes
5th Period 12:55 1:50 55 Minutes
7th Period 2:00 2:55 55 Minutes


Green Day
Period Start End Class Time
2nd Period 10:10 11:05 55 Minutes
4th Period* 11:15 12:10 55 Minutes
Lunch 12:10 12:55 45 Minutes
6th Period 12:55 1:50 55 Minutes
8th Period 2:00 2:55 55 Minutes

This block of time will be “catch up” time and students are encouraged to use this time make sure they have completed all their work and to make appointments with staff.  Our school counselors will dedicate this block of time to being available for meeting with students. 


Here are links students can use to make appointments with their school counselor:

Alpha 12

Alpha 9-11




A – Bet

Heather Scott

Meet with Ms. Scott

Boh – Del

Beu –  Cz

Katherine Vargas

Meet with Ms. Vargas

Dem – Gil

Da – Gik

Dana Westfall

Meet with Ms. Westfall

Gim – Jen

Gil – Jof

Lauren Griffin

Book an Appointment with Ms. Griffin

Jeo – Mad

Jog – Mag

Shannon Gresh

Please sign up for an appointment with Ms. Gresh

Mae – Oba

Mah – Nar

Patricia Alfaro

Book an appointment with Ms. Alfaro

Obb – Rol

Nas –  Riu

Nicole Low

Book an appointment with Ms. Low

Rom – Tay

Riv – Tak

Karyn Mrowka

Meet with Dr. Mrowka

Taz – Z

Tal –  Z

Oliver Goodridge

Meet with Mr. Goodridge

ELL/ESOL Levels 1&2

Betis Sorto-Sanchez

Book an Appointment/Hacer Una Cita


Look for a new folder in your student's Schoology courses titled Virtual Snow Day. The folder will be located under the green Course Essentials folder. Within that folder, students will be able to access information such as the bell schedule and any other instructions teachers may have.

Students will join their class at the appointed time via the Zoom link found on the class Schoology site. Please review this student technology readiness checklist that might be helpful to make sure your student is ready for virtual learning days.  The expectation is that students will attend virtual snow days. Attendance will be taken. If your student will be absent, please report an absence as you would normally.

In the event that your home loses power or your student is unable to join via Zoom they will be marked absent but will have the chance to make up anything covered that day. Conversely, if we have teachers without power they will not be able to provide synchronous instruction.  In those situations, we will do our best to communicate this as quickly as we can once we are made aware of it.  That information will be sent via an eNotify email to families.

If your student encounters technical issues, Schoology Support can be found on the website: 

There are also helpful technology tips available at