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A Community of Achievement

South Lakes High School is dedicated to awakening and cultivating the talents in every student. Our International Baccalaureate program offers the world’s finest college preparation. Faculty, students, and administrators work together to foster an inclusive, academically engaging school community. South Lakes’ students are encouraged to express themselves and understand different points of view. Our international student population from more than 70 countries provides a global perspective critical to solving 21st-century problems. South Lakes High School offers an environment rich in opportunities, preparing our graduates to take life’s next steps with confidence.

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Vision Statement

The vision of South Lakes High School is to develop a community of learners who strive for academic excellence and value diversity, intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and an international understanding for all students.

Mission Statement

South Lakes High School’s mission is to educate in a learning environment where student achievement is a priority and a right for all students. To achieve this, ongoing assessments will drive instruction, effective teaching strategies will address student needs, and the classroom environment will promote a passion for education. School life will encourage academic success and foster positive behavior. School personnel will effectively communicate with parents and solicit their participation in the greater South Lakes High School community.

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