What's a Seahawk?

Seahawk Alumni respond to “What Is A Seahawk?”

- Farnaz (Class of ) Being mentally and physically Strong.

- Dania Rivas (Class of ) Being a Seahawk means being a part of such a diverse and dynamic environment. I love being a Seahawk because our schools offers such a positive environment with many things to offer, from awesome pep rallies to the awesome games where everyone loves to showcase their Seahwak pride. There's something for everyone to get involved at south lakes and that's what makes this a great school.

- Emily Bull (Class of ) It means to have pride in your community and to stand by it no matter what. Being a seahawk means having school spirit and being role model. Being a seahawk means being accepting and welcoming.

- Lina Modjarrad (Class of ) Seahawks lean on one another when times get tough, and we are more than just average students. Four years are spent at this school learning and working, but these four years also consist of making friends and memories that will last a lifetime. That's what being a true Seahawk means; we do nice things for each other because that's what family does.

- Kendall (Class of ) Seahawks are spirited, and dedicated fans to all activities that go on at South Lakes.

- Daniel Gurley (Class of ) Being a Seahawk means being part of one big family. Being a Seahawk means accepting and celebrating the differences of everyone. The love that Seahawks show for one another is incredible and unique to our community, and I would never change my experience as a Seahawk.

- Brian E. Gibson (Class of ’86 ) Being a Seahawk means... Establishing friendships that stand the test of time. SLHS/Reston is a very special place on Earth, know it and respect it. When one of us hurts, we all hurt... When one of wins, we all win!

- James Parnham (Class of ’06) It means giving back to your community. It means coming back to school and visiting old teachers. It means learning to love all walks of life. It means making life-long friends and bonds that last forever. It means "home of the Seahawks and darn proud of it." It means you bleed blue and green. It means you are a Seahawk for life.

- Gretchen Hancock (Class of ’87) Being a Seahawk means being a part of a very special and unique tradition... one that is borne of a community that strives (at least at its outset) to be truly integrated... all kinds of people from all walks of life... to be One Team. It means opening your mind to new people, new ideas, new perspectives... and knowing that there is a great community of alums out there who are rooting for you to integrate all of that, and become your very best selves.

- Michelle Bryant Lee (Class of ’89) Hmmm.....Wear your Blue and Green with pride, attend sporting events and cheer on your classmates, be involved in clubs and groups, strive to do your best, make new friends, be willing to help others that need help, take care of your school and always provide feedback to make our school even better!! So proud to be a Seahawks Alumni!

- Stacy Lewis (Class of ’87) Giving back...to each other...to our community...to those in need

- Galvin Morris (Class of '90) What it means to be a Seahawk....FAMILY!!!!! From day one when I put the Blue and Green on, it has been special! From alum/staff etc...before or after....you tell someone your a Seahawk....first they ask what class....then its nothing but love, laughter, smiles and memory's! I BLEED blue and Green!! We Are.....South Lakes!!!

- Chrissy Pittack Triano (Class of ’86) Accept each other, support each other, be proud of where you grew up. Reston is a wonderful place and SLHS is an awesome school!

- Lindsay Trout (Class of '91) Being a Seahawk means not only accepting but embracing and appreciating people from all walks of life; all abilities and disabilities.  Being a Seahawk means never turning a blind eye to someone in need.  Being a Seahawk is being proud of who you are.

- Tyler Verdery (Class of ’87 )Respect, respect, respect. Respect others as well as yourself. Be kind, considerate, and cooperative. This will not only help in the halls of SLHS, but in their lives after they leave.

Seahawk Staff respond to “What's A Seahawk?”

    - Judy Skirbunt (retired staff and SLHS parent) Keep a positive attitude! Participate in something! (club, sport, etc.)

    - Mrs Burrell (current staff member) A Seahawk is kind. A Seahawk watches out for others. A Seahawk is a responsible member of the community.

    - Laura Bachman current staff member) Being a Seahawk means that you value and embrace diversity and teach others to do the same.

    - Erica Newsom (current staff member) Repect, Responsibilty, and Readiness are the school's mantra and I try to reinforce these values in my classroom.

    - Meghan Cycyk (social studies teacher) SLHS is like one big family; for better or worse and you always support and respect family.

    - Matt Ravenstahl (art teacher) South Lakes is a community, which at its core, promotes the endeavour of learning as human development.  As a result, South Lakes values the individual;  expressive voice, as well as, human experience constitute multiple perspectives which create diversity.  The learning environment strives to embrace the individual perspectives within the classroom and afterschool activities.