SAT Weekend Testing

The next SAT at South Lakes HS is on Saturday, May 6, 2023.   See below for important protocols and test day information: 

COVID-19 Protocols

FCPS follows College Board and local safety procedures.

Building Entry and Check-in

All students should enter by the Main Office at Door 1

Testing rooms

As always, before testers can be allowed into their assigned testing room, they must provide two pieces of identification to the Room Proctor -- their printed Testing Ticket, and a valid ID of some kind (please check here concerning allowable and not allowable forms of identification).

  • Testers should do everything they can to have their identification ready when they arrive at their testing room, so they can move into the room quickly and help avoid testers clustering around a test room door.

Breaks between testing sections

  • Breaks will be extended, to give testers time to use the restroom, etc. without having to cluster around bathroom entrances -- for example, what would normally be a five-minute break will be extended to a ten-minute break.
  • Hall Monitors will be moving about the hallways to encourage testers not to cluster together, and to move back into their testing room as quickly as possible.     

Student dismissal

  • Once testers in a particular testing room have finished, the Room Proctor will dismiss them in a staggered fashion -- testers must then move quickly to exit the building through the same entrance they entered earlier that morning.

If you have any questions not addressed above, please contact Jen Dixon (@email).