Finance Policies

Finance Technician  

Tracy Blatstein [email protected] Phone: 703-715-4515 Fax: 703-715-4762

Fees and Fines

The following are important finance procedures. Please read them carefully to avoid common mistakes and ensure a smooth school year.


Fees must be taken directly to the person requesting payment; i.e. field trip money to the teacher, class fees to the teacher, or club fees to the teacher sponsor.

  • Please do not leave money at the front desk or with friends to be turned in.
  • A receipt can be given to the students upon request


All money or items must be personally delivered to the Finance Technician located in the main office to be removed from the list.

  • Do not leave items at the receptionist’s desk
  • Do not leave items in an empty classroom
  • Do not rely on a friend to turn in items
  • Do not drop items off in the sub schools

Students are responsible for the specific items they are given and will not be removed from the list even if a similar item is collected. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the teacher if there is a discrepancy between the fines list and what has been returned. We encourage students to check the fines list to make sure they have no outstanding items. 

  • Seniors can see the list posted in their sub school
  • Juniors, sophomores, and freshman can check with the Finance Technician.

As a courtesy, all students are notified by mail at the beginning of the year in addition to seniors being reminded before spring break and at the end of the year. Not clearing items from the fines list may result in the loss of some privileges such as; parking permits, dances, graduation ceremonies and other activities. Please remember, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure they have cleared all fines and have returned all items.Finance Items:


All checks are to be made out to South Lakes High School or SLHS. 

Bounced/NSF Checks

If a check bounces the schools Finance Officer will notify the parents. The school is charged a fee of $10.00 which then the parent is responsible for paying, in addition to the bounced check amount. These items can only be paid in CASH ONLY and need to be cleared immediately.

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Both forms must be filled out for students to be eligible for Free and Reduced-Priced Meal

For more information (including forms in other languages), visit Free and Reduced-Price Meals