Student Government Association (SGA)

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South Lakes embraces the opportunity to develop leadership skills in our students.  We have adopted an Executive Council model, instead of the traditionally elected Student Government Association officers. Students who are interested in being a part of the student leadership team at South Lakes should apply for the Leadership class in their 10th, 11th and/or 12th grade year.  The students in that class each year, elect from among their peers who will be The Executive Council.

As a Student Leadership Team, members of this class organize fundraisers, consult with administration on important decisions, plan school wide activities and act as representatives for their student body and South Lakes High School throughout the South Lakes community.

In addition to the Executive Council, each grade level has a Class Council consisting of a group of Class Officers who organize activities specific to that grade level. Rising 10th, 11th and 12th grader students run for election in the spring while entering 9th graders are selected in the fall. Class officers do not need to take the Leadership class.

Year Council Members Sponsors

Bethany Burke, Lily Buro, Matthew Castillo, Molly Shapiro, Vikram Velayudhan

Lisa Nobles, Angelica Ortiz
2022 Chloe Baker, Nate Owen, Jaeya Taxali, Krishan Shah, Nicole Strauss Amy Allen, Tony Handy, Jen Ingersoll
2023 Nurai Arafa, Liliana Johnson, Danielle Kessler, Abby Wyland, Camilla Wynes

Nia Ravenstahl, Heather Warstler

2024 Exra Baker, Saxon Joyner, Jaya Mishra, Sean Redican, Evelyn Wagner Cynthia Davis, Tara Simmons

Another opportunity for students to get involved in leadership is through the FCPS Student Advisory Council (SAC). The role of the Student Advisory Council (SAC) is to provide an opportunity for student participation in the decision-making process in the school division and to aid in the communication among students, the school administration, and the community. Members of the SAC advise the Superintendent and the School Board, advocate for the rights and interests of students in Fairfax County Public Schools, work to enhance communication throughout the school system community, and elect the student representative to the Fairfax County School Board.

Up to four students and one alternate are elected by the student body prior to the end of the school year to serve as our SAC representatives.

Benefits to Getting Involved

- Voice your opinion in the school programs, class and school schedules and many other important sections of daily life at SLHS

- Represent your peers both in school and throughout the community

- Obtain inside knowledge of the way school government works

- Develop communication and leadership skills that will carry over in future college, work and life experiences


SLHS Constitution

SGA Executive Council 2020-2021

(Sponsors: Lyn Fiscus & Jill Pellerin)

Xela Jones

Samantha Katzman

Isabele Labare

Mohammed Mohammed

Zea Nims

Maddy Schnabel

Student Advisory Council 2020-2021

Esha Pathi

Rita Ajit

Urvi Dhala

Krishan Shah

Alexis Jeffries

Gwyneth Wagner




Award: 2019 National Gold Council of ExNational Gold Council of Excellencecellence

On behalf of National Student Council, I want to congratulate you on the occasion of the South Lakes High School Student Council being recognized as a 2019 National Gold Council of Excellence. Earning the award was no small task and your students’ success is a testament to the leadership and support you give to them and their adviser, and to the value placed on student council as an integral part of your school and its educational mission.

Again, congratulations and best wishes for continued excellence in your student council program!

Jeff R. Sherrill

Associate Director, National Student Council NASSP | National Association of Secondary School Principals

 picture of National Gold Council of excellence seal