Physical Health

Physical Wellness Resources

South Lakes High School values the health and wellness of our students, parents and staff.  The following list of resources to help achieve a better you!
Learn about the programs FCPS offers to ensure your child’s safety and wellness needs are met every day, and how you can make a difference.
FCPS is moving in a positive direction with nutrition!  Learn about school lunches, new initiatives, and more.
 A great site that has exercise meet-up opportunities in the Centreville, NOVA, DC area.  It is amazing to see how many groups are in our community and want others to join in on the fun!

While we do have gyms in our area (Lifetime, Golds, Cub Run, etc) we want you to remember that NOVA has tons of free opportunities for exercise:  Walk around Fair Oaks Mall, bike on the W&OD trail, kayak on the C&O canal or hike at Bull Run or even Great Falls.  These are also prime opportunities to catch up with your friends, have conversations about school, or just relieve stress.  A family that moves together, stays together! - Bull run - C&O - Great Falls - Trails for youth - W&OD Trail