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Career Center News 

For the MOST updated information about what’s going on in the Career Center- please look for the Friday Career Center News in your Naviance Student Account!  You can access Naviance Student via Schoology if you’re not already getting them to your email!

Need A Tutorial to Find Things In Naviance Student? For All Grade Levels!

Watch this 13 min. video that highlights several features such as looking for colleges, scattergrams for college admissions, scholarships, enrichment activities (including internships & summer activities), & career exploration.  Whatever grade you're in, this is a great place to start your journey, or pick up where you left off!     Also follow me for last minute happenings on twitter @SLHSCareerCtr!

SATs/ACTs For Juniors

The best combined source of information is the and websites.   The local high schools are the test sites, so nothing can move forward until the schools open or can ensure correct social distancing!  Some colleges are already test optional with a minimum grade threshold while others are going test optional ONLY for next year.  Check out the college website or – they have a quick reference list of colleges.  Students may wish to take the test once, when schools open to help with any merit-based scholarships that might be available at the college level. 

What if my financial situation has changed? Contact the financial aid office of the college you’re attending.  Aid is based on the prior-prior tax year, but colleges will also want to fill their roster- so ask/tell them your situation!

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is NOVA Pathway? 

NOVA Pathway to the Baccalaureate is a SLHS based program that provides additional support to SENIOR students who are getting ready to attend NOVA.  NOT every student who goes to NOVA needs PATHWAY.  Applications for Pathway comes out in October (via the Career Center or School Counselors) during Senior year.  IF a Non-Pathway student has questions about the process of applying to NOVA, they may contact the NOVA Outreach Counselor, Thomas Chalk at @email

What Is ASVAB Testing 

Given twice a year at SLHS, usually December (11th & 12th gr)  & March (10th-12th gr). This is a career inventory test that can be used as an assessment tool to explore potential career paths.  It is also used as the entrance exam for the branches of the military.  IF students take the test, they are under no obligation to enlist.  Scores are good for 2 years. Students wishing to take the test MUST sign up in advance and obtain a teacher/parent permission form from Mrs. Campbell in the Career Center.

How Can I Get Tutoring?

Colleges look for a strength of schedule and an upward trajectory of grades.  A sign of student success is when they realize they need help and are willing to receive it.  Tutoring is available to the community via emailing or calling the FCPS Parent Resource Center at [email protected] or 703-204-3941. They can send you a list, which changes monthly.  Parents are responsible for contacting, paying and working directly with the tutors.  FCPS employees may tutor or provide private instruction to FCPS students, but MAY NOT instruct their own students for private compensation.

Where Can I Get Test Prep?

Free SAT Practice Available on Khan Academy

The official SAT Practice available via and you can link PSAT scores.   Khan Academy's world-class practice tools are free for all students and include:

Thousands of practice questions, reviewed and approved by the College Board

Four official SAT Practice Tests written by the College Board

Personalized recommendations for instruction and practice to help students fill their knowledge gaps

Additional prep options:  FREE phone apps include Ready4SAT, Ready4ACT, SATup, CrackSAT, and CrackACT. also has come free test prep available.

What About Financial Aid Fir College? FAFSA (Financial Aid)

Completion Events are held every year throughout FCPS beginning after October 1 when the FAFSA opens for seniors applying to colleges.    South Lakes has an all-day event every October/November, but students/parents needing help with it should feel free to attend other high school events depending on their schedule!  Parents and students must start by setting up an account at FAFSA is based on the PRIOR year’s tax return, meaning if you are a senior in the Fall of 2021, you will need your 2019 taxes.  SLHS is blessed to have our own Financial Aid Champion, Mrs. Bonnie Horowitz who is in the Career Center once weekly when school is in session and can also be reached by SLHS students/parents at @email.  She is an expert in FAFSA and can help you through those "Sticky" situations where you don't know what to check off on your FAFSA application or if you need help deciphering your award letters.

How Do I Get Scholarships?

The BEST SOURCE for these for all grade levels is Naviance Student (see YouTube link for directions There are grade level filters to put on to help!  Scholarships are listed in Naviance Student under Colleges, SCHOLARSHIPS & MONEY, Scholarship List or Scholarship Match.  Scholarships will also be highlighted in the Career Center News!  PLEASE NOTE:  When applying for scholarships, use your personal, non-FCPS email!

Planning Ahead For Younger Students 

Want to see what college costs?  Go to  Most colleges also have a net price calculator on their financial aid web site. Also try for a quick college cost estimator. Younger students/parents can also go to for estimations.  

How Do I Figure Out A Career?

Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics site to see their Occupational Outlook Handbook: , Career help & scholarships: , jobs in VA .  Contact the Career Center for more specific information.

Enrichment Programs - What Are They?

Enrichment Programs are those extra activities outside of school- programs during weekends, summer, after school – educational, exploratory, internships, etc.  Some have a competitive a competitive application process, some charge money while others are free. New opportunities are listed in the Friday Career Center News. More can also be found n Naviance Student under COLLEGES, then click on RESEARCH COLLEGE, then ENRICHMENT.  You can put a search word in such as college name, or topic such as STEM or Healthcare for a listing!

What Do I Do If I'm Looking For a Job?

IF you are under 16:  Work Permits can be obtained by going to   

If you need help putting together a resume, contact @email

Many local employers contact the Career Center when they are hiring. Information is posted regularly via the Friday Career Center News.   A job fair was held at SLHS in March.  IF you’d like the list of employers, contact @email .  Please NOTE- When applying for jobs, use your personal, non-FCPS email!!!

Where Can I Volunteer?

Volunteer Search Engines:  Create an account at the following: , ,  & Volunteer Reston www.reston.orgWhen you create your account, you’ll put in your age and personal preference and will be emailed when opportunity knocks!

Also look for opportunities in x2VOL!  Students access via Schoology & then the Naviance Student portal. There are examples posted there for VIRTUAL opportunities that have taken place during COVID 19 closures! 

This will explain how students enter hours and set up X2Vol accounts and link them Look for opportunities in x2VOL!  Students access via Naviance Student.  This will explain how students enter hours and set up X2Vol accounts and link them:


If you have any questions, contact your SLHS Career Center Specialist, Kathy Luongo @email