Family Liaison

Family Liaisons are available to work with ALL families on a variety of issues. To assist with families who speak other languages, Ms. Bethsy Vasquez  is fluent in Spanish and Ms. May Skaff is fluent in Arabic.

Our Family Liaisons

Ms. Bethsy Vasquez | 703-715-4782 @email Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 3:15 pm

Ms. May Skaff | 703-715-4782 | @email Part-time

The Family Liaison role in school is to facilitate communication between the school and families. Family Liaisons work closely with the school’s counselors, clinic staff, administrators, teachers and other school and community personnel to help the students and their families. Family Liaison can also:

- Assist families with completing school forms

- Provide information to families about school and community resources and services

- Encourage and arrange opportunities for open communication between the families and school staff

- Encourage families involvement and leadership in the school

- Arrange for language interpreters for parents at school meetings

South Lakes will host a series of parent meetings for our Spanish speaking families conducted in the respective language throughout the school year. PTSA welcomes all families to the monthly meetings held the second Wednesday of the month in the library at 7 PM.