FCPSOn at South Lakes High School


FCPSOn key messages graphicSince the 2019- 2020 school year, FCPS has offered every high school student access to a computer for learning. As part of our initiative to provide equitable access to relevant and enriching activities, South Lakes will be leveraging these devices to prepare students with 21st century skills and the development of Portrait of a Graduate attributes including communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. If you want to learn more, visit the FCPSOn public webpage.

FCPSON Device Notes:

  • All students are expected to bring their charged FCPSOn laptop to school every day

  • Students are responsible for their device and will receive the same laptop each school year

  • All students will participate in regular “health checks” to ensure their machines stay up-to-date

  • Students who forget their laptop will not be provided a loaner

    • Loaner laptops will be reserved for students whose laptops are out for repair

  • Broken or malfunction devices should be brought to the SLHS Tech Office for repair (get a pass from your teacher).

    • FCPSOn devices should not be repaired by any person or business outside of FCPS.

SLHS 1-1 Device Norms


  • Bring your laptop to school FULLY CHARGED each day  

  • Use your device for learning

  • Create a positive digital footprint

  • Keep food and drink away from your laptop


  • Use technology as, and when, directed by your teacher

  • Give your full attention to the teacher and other students when they are talking

  • Turn off distracting notifications

  • Record/photograph others only with their permission  

  • Stay on task when using the laptop in class.