Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year

Welcome, South Lakes High School Parents and Guardians, to our virtual Back-to-School Night.  Tonight you will be able to listen to messages from our School Board members and our Principal Mrs. Retzer.  You will find links to your child's teachers back to school night videos within our departments sections below.  Please make sure you have your child's schedule, either from ParentVue or have your child logon to their StudentVue, so that you can access the course and teacher names.  Tonight you will be accessing pre-recorded videos so please sit back and enjoy our virtual back to school night!

Meet The Admin Team

School Board Members' Back-to-School Night Messages

Teacher's Back-To-School Night Videos

Each of the buttons below will take you to the department’s videos. 

To view teacher Back-to-School night videos:

  1. Click a department button. 
  2. Type the password “Seahawks”  in the “Have a guest password?” text box
  3. Click Go.

**Note: The password is case-sensitive. The "S" in Seahawks is capitalized. You will need to enter the password for each department page.

directions for viewing back-to-school night videos