SLHS Student Artwork in Greater Reston Arts Center Emerging Visions Exhibit

By Emily Burrell
March 21, 2019

Works from eleven South Lakes High School students are included in the Greater Reston Arts Center Emerging Visions exhibit which opened on March 2nd. The students are Gabby Baughman, Anne Kennedy, Nick Rooksby, David Cook, Leon Wiley, Dillon Melnick, Halle Kidd, Sadira Chambers, Filza Farhan, James Bailey, and Jammel Chinas Munoz. Students were asked to respond to the work of artist Caitlin Teal-Price whose art reflects themes of routine and ritual.

These themes were familiar for third year art student David Cook. David submitted a solo piece and a piece in which he collaborated with students Kate Kaufmann and Caroline Weis. David’s art teacher, Dr. Matt Ravenstahl, wrote the following artist’s statement.

“David experiences art and primarily painting as a ritual or at least routine.  More specifically, David makes repetitive marks on canvas or paper with varying colour.  The layering of these marks will begin to refer to different subject matter such as landscape.  David is also given tools that approach painting in a reductive manner as opposed to just additive.  David’s process involves an enthusiasm for manipulating paint and a consistent layering.  At differing points the work seems to be complete. 

The image that utilizes the figure is a collaborative piece.  David’s contribution is all the elements that are paint and in colour, which is arguably an essential and important part to the expressive voice of the art work.” 

All eleven South Lakes students are honored to be included in this exhibition. Their work can will be on display at the Greater Reston Arts Center until March 30th.

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