SLHS Entrepreneurship Team Wins Company of the Year Award!

By AmyBeth Kramer
May 20, 2020

Podseedtivity is student run company that grew out of the Entrepreneurship Club at South Lakes High school. This was the first year for the club. Our club partnered with Junior Achievement to participate in their company program (a year long intensive program where student run companies build a business from scratch with the help of mentors.) Most other teams were hosted at Companies in the DMV area and had a slew of mentors. Our team was the only team to be hosted at a public high school; first time in VA. Most other companies resold products while our team actually designed and produced the product at South Lakes. The students worked really hard all through the year and were supported by the South Lakes / Broader Reston community. The team had a successful season winning the Trade Show at Tysons earlier this year followed by the Company of the Year award this past weekend. All of our executives were nominated as finalists and David Ramirez (senior) and Krishan Shah (sophomore) won their respective categories. The team is now prepping to go to Nationals which will be held in early June. The company also donated 10% of proceeds to the South Lakes Food Pantry.

The Seahawk Entrepreneurship Club officers were Tejas & Dhruv Vasudevan, Nate Own and Anthony Giordano. Mr. McNamara and Mr. Vasudevan are the clubs sponsors and mentors.

Want to learn more? Checkout the Podseedtivity commercial.