Student Parking Permit Information

Steps for getting a parking permit at SLHS

STEP 1: Complete the Online Application

Online applications for student parking for the 2023-2024 school year will open August 7th, 2023! ALL APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A VALID OPERATOR'S LICENSE BY AUGUST 7th, 2023. Anyone obtaining a driver’s license after that date will have to apply when they receive their actual license and will be put on the waitlist if needed. Online parking permit applications dated after Sunday, August 13th, 2023 could be put on the waitlist and spaces will be allocated as available. The link to the online parking permit application is located on the bottom of this page in the green box below Step 4.  

Hard copies of the application are available in the main office.  If you use the paper application, you will need to return the two pages, fully completed, to the office. It will be dated and time stamped by a staff member.

The application packet must be completed prior to the issuance of a permit.  This packet consists of the Student Parking Agreement and the Student Parking Application, which are combined in one form. Completing the application packet does not guarantee that the student will be issued a permit, it simply initiates the administrative assessment.

STEP 2: Administrative Assessment of Parking Privileges

Parking on school grounds is a privilege and is extended to students who are in good standing.  Students with poor attendance records, to include excessive unexcused absences, unexcused tardies and unverified absences, will not be considered for a parking permit.  Behavioral issues, extensive disciplinary records and grading may also be considered during the assessment period.  Students who receive a parking permit may have their attendance and disciplinary record reviewed by an administrator at any time and could have their permit suspended or revoked during the school year. Students who do not follow the rules and regulations outlined in the parking agreement could have their permit suspended or revoked during the school year. There will be no refund of fees if a permit is revoked.  

All financial obligations must be satisfied before a parking permit can be purchased.  This includes all past due parking, library, and/or lost textbook fines and any other debt that was incurred during the previous school years.  Check with your sub-school administrative assistant or Ms. Blatstein in the Finance Office regarding outstanding fines.  Library fines can only be taken care of in the library.

All students that submit an application should receive an immediate reply that their application was accepted.  If students are eligible to purchase a permit, they will be notified about the pick-up date.  If their application is denied, they will be notified regarding the reason for denial.  If an application is denied for outstanding fines, the student must re-submit after fines are paid. The application will be considered completed as of the date re-submitted, not the original date.  It is a good idea to inquire about and settle fines prior to the submission of the application.

STEP 3:  Parking Permit Issuance

South Lakes High School has a limited number of parking spaces and not everyone who applies may be awarded a space.  Rising SENIORS will receive priority in the issuance of parking permits and the remaining spaces will be distributed among JUNIORS via a lottery.  Students taking FCPS Academy classes where transportation is not provided will be given special consideration. The cost of a parking permit is $200.00* and payment is due at the time the permit is issued.  Payment may be made in cash, personal check, MSB, or money order made out to SLHS.  Students who receive free or reduced lunches are eligible to receive reduced rate parking.

PARKING VIOLATIONS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. Cars may be ticketed, booted, or towed.

STEP 4:  Application for Your Permit

In order to complete the agreement and online permit application, the student will need to sign in to their Google Apps for Education account.